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Silver Hell

The Ladies

Boyle Family Reunion August 14, 2004
The Ladies
The Fellas
Halloween Baby

This page is my f female friends ... I will set up a page for the guys....Then I will have a poll hehe

This is my girl in Nashville.. Miss Mindy-Licious!!!  Who's 21 years old and lives with her boyfriend...Sorry Guys She's Taken!!!



Doesn't she look oh so sweet hehehe
Brit trying to look goth hehehe I like her outfit!


These 2 pictures are of my friend Brit. who I never met yet but will someday.. She's a sweety but dont let her age decieve you!!



This is my other Mindy friend hehe. I met her when she was dating a friend of mine. I've helped her out a lot and it's good we're still cool. She's single looking for a good man who will treat her right. She's a sweet girl and deserves a nice guy.
This is my best friend Nicole..thats her cousin Hannah on her lap..It's kind of an older picture, I need to get a recent one of her and her daughter Khalie. She's divorced and living back at home with her family and daughter.
I Love Her to death!!!!!