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Silver Hell

The Fellas

Boyle Family Reunion August 14, 2004
The Ladies
The Fellas
Halloween Baby


This is a sweet and cool dude named Chris I met while I was in NH for 4 weeks. I met him through my cousin and her boyfriend. I'd like to hang out with him again when I go back to visit. He also shaved his head so he doesn't have the hair anymore unless he grew it back since I seen him.   


I don't know what the hell is up with him in this picture...Someone is probably talking to him hehe.. That's Scott with his old pretty truck he used to have until his father took it and gave him the grand am. He's still single and works 6 days a week..He's been a good friend for about 2 - 2 1/2 years now, and I miss hanging out with him!! Oh yeah he's legal to buy alcohol now hehe!!!


That was the same shirt and hat he wore when Mindy, Shane, Scott & I all went to a hotel Valentine's night of 03...I cant remember what pants he had on. lmmfao..I Love his Offspring hat too!!!


MR. MiGhTy LuNgS!!! hehe Good ol Scott always takin big ass hits..He used to be a swimmer and was Capt when he was a freshman in High School. He's such a cutie!
This is Chris again playing on his skateboard hehe doesn't he look so cute



Look at him Trying to be all cute and prepped out hahaha.. Ok he does look all cute but the preppy wanna be look he isnt pulling off too well..Give him wife beater and some jeans and he looks BaNgInG!!