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AuGuSt PoEmS

The Story Not Finished
AuGuSt PoEmS
In an old dark cemetary grows a single blood-red rose.
She passes it everynight on her way home.
No matter how bad her day was, just seeing it made her smile.
Going to her raven-colored room, she lights some candles and puts on some music, while she waits for him to come out from the shadows.
He climbs through the window goes and sits beside her on the coffin and smiles gently.
8/3/04 3:37 am
The full moon shines down upon darkened water
Silvery reflections rolling with the constant tides
In a cemetary mistfilled and mysterious grows a single bloodred rose.
Amazed with wonder and excitement she walks closer.
8/3/04 2:54am
These Two I Forgot To Date..Sorry
The darkness takes over me
pulling me into the unknown
deep into a hole of blackness
nothing to be seen, just the tortured souls crying out is heard.
Deeper I spin falling into the nothingness
only to be caught by the twisting tangled webs.
I want to be the one
who holds you close in the night
I want to be the one
who makes you smile every day
I want to be the one
who can take your breath away by a single kiss.
The darkness comes engulfing the already raven room, lighting candles, hoping he will come again.  She hears the clock chime twelve, her heart picking up its pace.  Music softly playing in the background, feeling a presence she looks up and sees him standing there.  Dressed all in black, eyes burning green.  He helps her up as they begin to dance close.  Mouths slowly moving together to create the greatest passion.  She leads him to her cherrywood black coffin, pushing open the top exposing a beautiful blood-red interior.  They climb in and hold each other, looking at the ceiling through the midnight blue canopy, watching the flames' shadow dancing silently.  He turns to look ar her, watching her face until their eyes meet.  She falls into a spinning trance staring into his eyes.  Completely mezmorized as he pulls her into a breath taking kiss.
8/3/04 1:20 am