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The Following Will Be Poems I Wrote...From Newest To Oldest...
The softness of your body, it pulls me in.
The beauty of your eyes, they cannot hide what they truly desire.
The unspoken depth, brings a great deal of a mysterious air.
The smile that comes from your lips makesit hard for me to resist, the temptation that comes from within.
9/7/04 1:52 am
Touch your lips upon mine, be not afraid of the passion taking over you.
Go with it, feel it warm you deep inside.
Look into my eyes, I cannot disguise any lies, only truth which hides itself from getting hurt again.
9/7/04 12:30am
I watch you in the dark of the night, smiling happily while your sleep peacefully.
You wake with a peek of your baby blue eyes as you mumble and roll over back to sleep.
I smile as I watch you go back to sleep, wishing I had the nerve to crawl in beside you.
But too afraid of mouths and lies.
I hold my strength and don't do it.
9/7/04 1:32am
Tonight in the darkness, I sit alone and think of you.
Think of the way your eyes sparkled in the sun.
Think of your smile, so irresistably cute.
The way you teased me and made me smile while playing pool.
I can't help but to think of the night I got to touch your soft skin, and massage your neck, shoulders, and back.
And how much I wanted so much more to happen.
I think of the night at the cottage and how much I wanted to climb into bed with you and just hold you.
I also think there's more than meets the eye with you, though you've shown some immaturity.
And more to you than what I've heard.
But why should I think of you, when you dont think much of me?
9/6/04 11:03pm