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Aquarius - Capricorn

This page is all my info on the Zodiacs. I have them in ABC order..Not According To Dates...

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb19)
Ruling Planet : Saturn (with  Uranus as co leader, the planet of chaes, sudden, unexpected, distracts)
Element : Air
Symbol : Water Bearer
Gemstones : Amethyst, Garnet, Onyx, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine
Magickal Birthstones : Amethyst brings faithfullness in love and bestows the gift of prescience
Spirit : Slyphs
Colors : Electric Blue, Violet
Animal : Large Birds
Tree : Fruit Trees
Flower & Plant : Orchid, Absinthe, Fennel, Buttercup
Metal : Uranium
Cities : Stockholm, Moscow, Buenos Aries, Salzburg
Countries : Russia, Sweeden, Ethiopia
Lucky Day : Wenesday
Lucky Numbers : 1 & 7
Fixed : Aquarius is assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, and inventive, has some strong dislikes and firm opinions.
Positive - Masculine - intellectual, comunicative, "idealism"
" I Know " your stability towards social to teach that love is tolorance and to learn that love is Oneness.
Challange - Warmth
Gift - Friendliness
Keywords : detached, Science, reforms, private, stubborn, determined, consoladating, original, intuitive, rebelious
Polarity : Leo - Aquarius is the sign of hopes and dreams, friends and wishes.  It's natieves tend to be idealistic humanitarians who are concerned with the larger issues of the world but in their personal relationships remain detached.  Leo the opposite sign is the sign of pleasure, affection and love affairs.  Leo people look for fun and good times to make them happy, they need close ties with others and tend to dominate in love affairs.
Danger : Aquarians are innovative, unconventional and sometimes eccentic, and are therefore often targets for attacks by narrow minded people.  They also have a tendency to get into unusual situations and get involved with oddball people.
These are the people to create "world peace" if there ever was one to do it, they are more concerned ith the world as a whole than their individual relationships.  In spite of some much needed  warmth they are the friendliest of all! Wonderful friends to have...if you can get a hold of them and keep them.  You are the sign of the future, the visionary, some say astrology itself.  You attract friends everywhere you go.
The  search for the Holy Grail defines the essence of Aquarius.  This enigmatic sign is ruled by two planets with totally imcompatible natures, one desiring the other, the other tearing it down.  The contradictions in this sign's character are what makes it interesting.  Aquarians are concerned, sometimes to the point of obsession, with being new, radical, and different.  They are often eccentric, frequently awkward, and always demanding freedom.  The Aquarian is best  at developing new ideas but needs others to help carry them out.
Aqaurius - Fixed Air.  Offbeat, Different, Zany, Unconventional & Quickwitted.  Being an air sign Aquarius's communicate mainly through the thinking process.  Interaction within the group is important to the air sign Aquarius.  And they are the helpers of the zodiac.  Aquarius is the sign of the inventor and innovator.  True genius often resides in the mind of the Aquarius person.  The word Bohemian was made for those born under the sign Aquarius.  For they refuse to follow the accepted path.  Always the rebel, the Aquarius sun person would like their sun to rise in the rest and set in the east - just to be different of course!!  The independent rebel is happiest when following his or her own instincts and they are always reading from their own unique different road map of life.  Unconventional, unorthodox, and down right weird at times is the Aquarius' way of just being as "normal" as they can be.  Problem is, this could be light years away from reality.  There is a suddenness to the sign and all that Uranus stands for.  Revolution, change, upset, disruption. Clamor.  As the Water Bearer - the symbol of universal helping - Aquarius people truly do enjoy being of service and are always willing to pitch in and do their part for the betterment of mankind.  Spirit's attempt to create ideal relationships and organizations, based on freedom and cooperation between individuals; freethinking, unorthodox, not shackled by outdated ideology; the
perfection of society.  Even though ideas are often farsighted, they can be held and expressed in rigid, dogmatic fashion; "everyone should be free to be just like me!"; idealistc, utopian; derives sense of identity from groups and their goals, tends to dominate them; impersonal thinking, detached from emotional considerations; produces "humanitarian without compassion"; friendships based on common goal. 
Aquarius : The water carrier : Friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive.  Intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictale.  Unemotional and detached.
Likes : Fighting for casues, dreaming and planning for the future, thinking of the past, good companions, having fun.
Dislikes : full of air, excessive loneliness, the ordinary, imitations, idealistic.
Your ruling planet is Uranus.
Your color is Turquoise.
Your starstome is Turquoise.
(Swords) Aquarius : Jan 21 - Feb 19 : blue/green
The Otter : Jan. 20 - Feb 18
Date Of Birth : Jan 21 - Feb 17
Animal : Crane
Gaelic Name : Corr (Approximate pronunciation : Corr)
Ruling Planet : Uranus
Key Words : Secret Knowledge, Eccentric, Patient
Gift Quality Or Ability : Crane people are unusually clever people with specialized skills and talents, with a progressive outlook on life.  Sense of the evolving spirit.  Sensitivity to the other world, journeying, magick.
Birthstone : Peridot
Compatibility : Harmonious relations with the signs of the bee and swan.  Will also relate well to the signs bear, owl, and cat. Difficulties may be expected in relation to all other signs.
The Rowan Tree : Jan 21 - Feb 17
Rowans were planted near doors and gates to ward off evil and were thought to guard the gateway to the spirit world.  Rowan people are idealistic, progressive thinkers with strong humanitarian and spiritual principles.  They thrive on change, becoming impatient with convention or restriction, artistic, and original, they can appear detached and aloof.
The Ruling Deity : Brigid, the Goddess of fertility and poetry, rules this sign.
The Druic Animal : The Dragon symbolizes inspiration and imagination
Rowans need an outlet for their powerful imagination or they can become restless and quarrelsome.
Planetary Ruler : Uranus
Ogham Word : Luis


Aries : Mar 21-Apr 19
Ruling Planet : Mars the planet of war, aggression and heat. In astrology Mars' influence fosters tension and accidents.
Element : Fire
Symbol : Ram
Gemstones : Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Ruby, Red Jasper
Magickal Birthstone : Diamond attracts love, financial success, and brings luck in new adventures.
Cities : Florence, Naples, Verona, Marseilles
Countries : England, Germany & Poland
Spirit : Salamander
Colors : Red, crimson, fire & scarlet
Lucky Numbers : 1 & 9
Lucky Day : Tuesday
Animal : Ram is assertive, sexual, and able to climb great heights
Tree : All thorn bearing trees
Flowers & Plants : Geranium, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, Sage
Metal : Iron
Cardinal : You are active, energetic, excitable, impulsive, optimistic, open to change and the new.
Positive : are self expressive
Masculine : ardent, keen
"the infant"
"I Am" active, enthusiastic, energy to teach that love is innocence and to learn that love is trust.
Challange : Patience
Gift : Courage
Keywords : Assertive,determined, independent, new growth, initiative, impulsive, couragous, inspirational, rebellious.
Polarity : Libra - Aries is a me first sign.  People with Aries tendencies strongly project their own personalities and can be quite selfish.  Libra, which is the opposite sign, is the sign of partnership.  Libras feel incomplete without a partner and strive for happiness as a pair.
Danger : Aries people are susceptible to harm from fire and sharp instruments.  They are also prone to accidents involving high speeds and tend to get into violent and dangerous situations.  Ruled by the head, which not only makes you prone to accidents in this area but it is also what stimulates you.  Also very prone to accidents involving glass and fire equally. 
These people go head first fearlessly into everything they do.  "an Aries is the one with a robber holding a gun to her face will fearlessly tell him off and argue with him."  An Aries will forgive you to no end holding no grudge whatsoever.  Generous to a fault as long as they are merely noted for their deed, no return is ever necessary, but the credit.  DO NOT butt heads with these people, you will not win, and if you are on their side then you will be well protected.  NO ONE can break the spirit of a Ram but themselves.
Like the Ram, Aries has a reputation for egotism, action, self-assertion, and the desire to be first.  Aries is a masculine sign that is looking for idenity.  Aries can be fearless on the outside and timid on the inside.  The ram spontaneously falls in love, but usually has a difficult time verbalizing his or her feelings.  Headstrong and aggressive, the Aries has tremendous power and energy.  Aries are leaders, entrepreneurs and adventurers, usually pushing the envelope in their direction.
Aries - The Ram - The "I" principle.  Headstrong and single-minded. Don't get in the way of an Aries with his or her mind set on something.  Stand back and wait til the gas runs out.  Initiating, impulsive, with the "Me first" attitude pervading everything the Aries touches and starts.  But, do they finish everything they start?  The need to develop one's sense of selfhood.  The desire to imprint one's personality onto any situation.  This is how the Aries must be - not necessarily how the headstrong Aries chooses to be - but how he or she must be.  There is always that urgency with the firey, self-starting cardinal sign Aries.  The Aries type is quick to take advantage of a situation.  The fire sign is ruled by the planet Mars, the masculine war like planet which expresses our basuc nature to exist.  An Aries you don't  take to the back seat or subordinate yourself to other's wishes easily.  This makes being anything less than the boss an effort, but, such is life for the true Aries.  Independent, self confident, but a bit too confident at times.  There is mental energy to spare and a quick wit.  Quick to anger - Quick to resent, but also to forgive and forget.  Activity for the sake of activity.  The Fire energy produced by the Aries individual is pure energy.  Raw and sometimes raging and, at other times when controlled, forceful but directed.  Aries people are well liked because they stir others into action.  They stand out in the crowd and are usually the ones leading the parade.  A bit unsteady  at finishing all the tasks they begin, the Aries individual is so firey and determined in the task at hand that it would be expected that some things may get lost and left undone.  But, give the Aries enough time, the task will eventually be completed.  Aries is the sign of beginnings.  Being a cardinal sign, it grows restless when any restraints are put upon its character.  It is quick-to-anger and brash, but also easy to forget.  The enormous Aries energy is prone to produce a "fly-off-the-handle" response to much of life's situations.  Aries people apply themselves to life with an abandon and exuberance not found in any other sign of the zodiac.  The Aries individual is very demanding in love and all endeavors in life.  Aries corresponds to the sense of speech and the concept of truth, a tough combination when the abandon and exuberance of Aries is not tempered and kept in check.  The impulsive, irrational, brash and sometimes self-centered Aries can learn much from self-reflection and being conscious of the feelings of others.  Much of the success of intergrating and understanding the aries personality can be found in its complimentary sign of the zodiac Libra.  For once a balance is reached within the Aries personality, the warmth and enthusiasm of the sign can be expressed and enjoyed.  The Aries is quite often pushes his way through life initating much of what he gets into through sheer energy flow.  Aries individuals are both firey and fast and this combination can quite often produce chaos if the energy is not focused and put to good use.  Unbridled expression of your inner nature; activity that is self-motivated, unaffected by others; new beginnings, the start of new cycles, bith; enthusiasm and vitality.  Aggressive, willful, powerful, assertive; enthusiastic about whatever interests you at the moment, focused in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term; ego expression, adventurious, pioneering; Warrior-type energy; impatient with having to cooperate with others, works best alone or in leadership role; unconcerned with approval pr acceptance; lacks persistance and stamina; honest and forthright, "what you see is what you get", not given to airs or pretenses; the first expression (or incarnation) of spirit within a new cycle on the physical plane.
Aries : The Ram - Adventurous and energetic, Pioneering and courageous, Enthusiastic and confident, Dynamic and quick-witted.  Selfish and quick-tempered, Impulsive and impatient, Foolhard and daredevil.
Likes : Action, comming first, challanges, championing causes, spontateity.
Dislikes : Waiting around, admitting failure, no opposition, tyranny, other people's advice.
Your ruling planet is : Mars
Your color is : Red
Your starstone is : Diamond
(Wands) Aries - March 21- April 19 - white/pink
The Red-Tailed Hawk : March 18 - April 14
Date of Birth : March 18 - April 14
Animal : Bear
Garelic Name : Art (Approximate pronunciation : A as is cAt, R as in enlish, Tas in english Chin.  AiRCH)
Ruling Planet : Mars
Key Words : Achieving, Primal Power, Instinct
Gift Quality Or Ability : Bear people are very connected to their ancestral roots.  Filled with courage and sense of adventure.  Extremely physical, extroverts.  Protection, journeying, and sensitivity to the other world.
Birthstone : Ruby
Compatibility : Harmonious relations with the signs of cat and owl.  Will also relate well to the signs of crane, bee and swan.  Difficulties may be expected in relation to all other signs.
The Alder Tree : March 18 - April 14
Alder resist rot in water and was used to make bridges, boats, clogs and milk jugs.  It was a crime to fell an alder, as the angry tree spirit would burn down houses.  Alder people are courageous, energetic, impetuous and determinded to make their own way in the world.  Self-reliant and adventurous, the love taking risks and are tenacious workers.  Affectionate and charming, they inspire great loyalty in others.
The Ruling Deity : The God of the spirit world, Bran the Blesses, rules this sign.
The Druic Animal : The Fox symbolizes skill in diplomacy.  Alders must learn the art of diplomacy or they waste energy on fruitless disputes.
Planetary Ruler : Mars
Ogham Word : Fern


Cancer : June 21 - July 22
Ruling Planet : Moon, the planet of response, fluctuation, feelings and intuition
Element : Water
Symbol : Crab
Gemstones : Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald, Turquoise
Magickal Birthstone : Pearl - Bad fortune into good and discord into harmony.  It also brings support from influential.
Spirit : Undies
Colors : Sea Green, Silver, Amber
Aminal : Crab
Tree : Trees rich in sap
Flowers & Plants : Larkspur, Acanthus, Lotus, Comfrey
Metal : Silver
Lucky Numbers : 3 & 7 
Lucky Day : Monday
Cities : Amsterdam, New York, Venice, Algiers
Countries : Scotland, Holland, New Zealand
Polarity : Capricorn - Cancer is the sign of home and family life.  Natives seek close personal relationships and are happiest surrounded by the familiar and those whom they love.  Capricorn, the opposite sign of Cancer is the sign of reputation and public standing.  Capricorns are concerned with the image they project and they search for power and fulfillment in the outside world.
Cardinal : Cancer is a receptive, sensitive and imaginative, sympathetic, kind, and emotional, and possesses an active, shrewd, and inutitive mind.
Negative : Feminine
"the adolecent"
" I FEEL" your inner emotional levels
To teach that love is devotion and to learn that love is freedom.
Challange : To see with eyes and mind rather than Feeling everything.
Gift : Loyalty
Keywords : Sensitive, Protective, Nurture, Maternal, Sympathetic, Possesive
Danger : Cancer people are suseptible to accidents in the home.  They are also prone towards becoming vicitims of theft.
Ruled by the Breasts and Stomach they love to eat and have to fight overweight in latter years.  They are also subject to digestive ailments caused by tension and emotional stress.
Needs someone to cling to and loves to "nag".  More sensitive than they will ever let you know!  If you manage to get through the hard shell they so proudly wear, then you have their heart and better treat it with care for it is very fragile.  It Is their shield and they know hot to turn warmth to cold with a switch of a shell.  They are emotional to say the least and ruled by these fierce emotions.  You will never meet a more loyal, devoted person!
The crab, with its soft and fleshy body covered by  a hard and protective shell, depicts the nature of this sign,  Cancer is the embodiment of compassion, caring, and maternal instincts, but it often hides these emotions behind a mask of indifference.  When upset, Cancers withdraw into their shells but still have sharp pinchers to attack with.  Cancers are renowned homemakers and require domestic stability for happiness.  As long as Cancers have a strong base from which to operate and to which they can retreat, they will succeed and reach their goals.
Cancer is a Cardinal water sign, it is changable and the most receptive of all the signs.  Cancer individuals hold on to things and once in their grasp, refuse to let go.  They are protective, caring and emotional but also receptive and pick up on the feelings of others.  Cancers possess a quiet, reserved senstive disposition, yet a somewhat public side.  The crab has a distinctive movement in its ability to back awa, and many cancers posses its ability and are quick to receed into their protective shell.  Cancer individuals experience the world through their emotions.  The receptive watery sign of Cancer feels things and then decides emotionally how to respond to a situation.  The emotions can be used to nurture or manipulate.  Those born under the sign of Cancer have a cardinal quality of the sign, although Cancer is quite subject and emotional in its response to the world.  This creates an inward/outward pull always present in this emotional water sign.  Cancers have a job in this world.  Their natural ability to nurture and protect finds many uses in this world and society we live in.  With feelers out and the discriminating senses flowing, the Cancer fee;s his way through this world.  And within Cancer, one of the easiest signs to describle, lies the most opposite of all signs.  They are bold but beautiful.  The intense but inert, the sympathetic but selfish.  What instantly comes to mind is the feeling person.  Emotions are always in the forefront of the Cancer's life.  But what is also present is the power to make things grow - giving the energy necessary to propel things into life.  Cancer's live and move in the sea of emotions.  But the Cancer first puts out the antenna and feels the pulse around his immediate enviornment.  The Cancer, who lives literally in its own shell, will quickly recede back into it when danger is sensed.  This brings up another trait of Cancer not always apparent and that is selectivity and discrimination.  There is a bit of the "grass is greener" mentality found in the Cancer natibe who is not afraid to seek out greener pastures once it truly feels the need to change.  It quickly becomes apparent that the sign of Cancer is rife with opposites and opposing traits.  It is not surprising that the Moon is the ruler of Cancer, for the Moon signifies change for change sake as well as the soul's desire.  Within the sign is sense of touch and feel and the Cancer truly does "feel the need to feel."  The negative side of Cancer is the sometimes-obessive need to control situations and people.  There is nothing worse than the Cancer mother who attempts to direct the lives of her children who she refuses to let go of.  Some of many positive traits are the capability of the Cancer to use the massive amount of emotions in a positive manner through its capacity to nurture.  The Cancer's everpresent need to blend in brings forth  its ability to assimilate and mimic.  The ability to feel another's feelings is used well by the Cancer.  Nurturing, support, emotion; the Great Mother, Universal Womb' spirit's first emotional attachments to the world.  Mothering, emotional and physical nurturance; experiences and impriting during infancy and childhood; family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past; belonging , feeling "at home"; maternial love, caring; feeling supported by the world, that your needs are provided for; insecurities and fears if your needs haven't been fulfilled; possessiveness, "twisted love", inability to nurture others are negative expressions.
Cancer : The Crab - Emotional and loving, intuitive and imaginative, shrewd and cautious, protective and sympathetic.  Changable and moody, overemotional and touchy, clinging and unable to let go.
Likes : Hobbies, Romance, children, home and country, parties.
Dislikes : Aggrevating situations, failure, opposition, being told what to do, advice (good or bad).
Your ruling planet : Moon
Your color : Silver
Your starstone : Pearl
(Cups) Cancer : June 21 - July 22 - green/brown 
The Brown Flicker : June 22 - July 21
Date of Birth : June 10 - July 7
Animal : Otter
Gaelic Name : Dobhran (Approximate pronunciation: dav-rhan.) Ruling Planet :
Key Words :
Family, Helpfulness, Intuitive.
Gift Quality or Ability :
Otter people are enterprising with a wide breadth of vision. Very optimistic with a personal magnetism. Protection, shapeshifting, and journeying.
Birth Stone : Diamond
Compatibility :
Harmonious relations with the signs of goose and seal. Will also relate well to the signs of salmon, adder, and stag. Difficulties may be expected in relation to all other signs.
The Oak Tree : 10 June - 7 July
The Oak was the sacred tree of the Druids, symbolising truth and steadfast knowledge. Doors made of Oak were thought to keep out evil. Oak people are determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic and responsible. Natural leaders, they remain calm in a crisis and are not easily swayed by opposition. Although serious minded, they are cheerful and optimistic and do not give up easily.
The Ruling Deity : The Father of all Gods, The Dagda rules this sign.
The Druic Animal : The Wren, the Celtic king of the birds, symbolises wit and sublety.
Oaks must temper pride with humor or they become pompus and overbearing.
Planetary Ruler : Jupiter
Ogham Word :

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Capricorn : Dec 22- Jan 19
Ruling Planet : Saturn, planet of limits, struggle, and restricts
Element : Earth
Symbol : Goat
Gemstones : Garnet, Turquoise, Zircon, Peridot, Chalcedony, Black Opal, Tourmaline
Magickal Birthstone : Garnet, attracts popularity, high esteem and true love.
Spirit : Gnome
Colors : Brown, Dark Green, Indigo
Tree : Pine, Elm, Poplar
Flowers & Plants : Carnation, Ivy, Thistle
Metal : Lead
Cities : Oxford, Boston, Brussels, Chicago, Montreal
Countries : Mexico, Afaganistan, India
Lucky Day : Saturday
Lucky Numbers : 2 & 8
Cardinal : Capricorn is reserved, prudent, patient, uses cunning instead of force, seeks security, is disaplines determinded and quick to sieze oppertunity.
Negative : Feminine
"I USE" your goals achived
To teach that love is wisdom and to learn that love is unselfishness.
Challange : Sociability
Gift : Steadiness
Keywords : Prudent, Cool, Aspired, Restores, Calculating, Responsible, Effcient, Self- absorbed.
Polarity : Cancer - Capricorn is the sign of governing, reputation, career, standing in the community.  It's natives seek honor, praise and approval in the world at large, but tend to be emotionally reserved in personal relationships.  Cancer the opposite sign, is the sign of domestic and home life, Cancers derive security from loved ones, closeness and family.
Danger : Other people may harbor hidden grudges and resentments because of Capricorns coldness and reserve.  Secrets from their past are often used against them.
Ruled by the bones, joints and knees.  They often have beautiful bone structure but they are subject to stiff joints, rheumatism and orthopedic prblems. 
These people are steady and true.  They too are very concerned with "their public" and how they are seen by the public and others in general.  Most of them have beautiful bone structure and are very defined.  They are just friendly by nature! Often scared up from all the bumps and falls they will always clean up and look their best at ANY event.  King of Rock & Roll is the best example.  Their motovation is driven by the desire for money, success, postion and authority.  Underneath the mask you wear are still other masks and it may take you a long time to discover the real you.
The Capricorn is the ideal industrialist or merchant, letting no humanitarian concerns interfere with important business or money-making oppertunities.  Capricorns habor powerful emotions that as Earth signs they find difficult to express.  This sign can be very unimaginative, serious, and cautious when drawn into the world of materialism.  Capricorns' greatest traits are their ability to heal and to have great visions.  Their greatest downfall is being manipulative and deceitful.
Capricorn is Cardinal Earth and the epitome of ambition.  The sign Capricorn is ambition in its purest form.  Utility with no frills.  If the sign were the tires on your car, it would be black walls for sure! Capricorn is just down right serious stuff.  It is the end of fun and frivolity.  The absence of laughter and the confines of time.  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign frounded and serious.  Someone who looks before they leap; and thinks out and methodically plans each move.  Ambition, if taken to extremes by a Capricorn becomes, manipulation.  This for sure is the negative side of Capricorn for they truly become master manipulators if this negative side is present in their personality.  People born under the sign should always be aware of this energy.  Self control and discipline are innate abilities for the earthy sign Capricorn and they actually are natural born bosses.  They are the people whp reach for the top and eagerly want all the responsibilities that can be given to them.  The born workaholic and the builders of the zodiac.  At home climbing mountains or building an empire.  Capricorn's are extremely careful i dealing with material things, and are the worrywarts of the zodiac.    One thing a Capricorn sun should always work to cultivate is their sense of humor for it is easily lost among all the seriousness surrounding the Capricorn individual.  Practical implementation of goals is a means of seeking a justification to the existence of the Capricorn, for life without a purpose isn't really a life for this practical earth sign.  Spirit's attempt to bring about the perfect society, to create heaven on earth; making practical, efficient connections with other on the physicl plane; abitious, feels pride in accomplishments; concern with truth, reality, "hard facts"; relationship to authority.  Serious, determined, disciplined, focused; needs to play more; fathering discipling love; authority figures; seeks certainies in life, wants things "cast in concrete"; the Buinessman.  Concrene with the practical relationships to support yourself within society; not interested in "blue sky" ideas, needs to bring theory into concrete reality; "knowing the rules and playing the game"; making a niche in the world.
Capricorn : The Goat - Practical and prudent; ambitious and disciplined, patient and careful, humorous and reserved.  Pessimistic and fatalistic, miserly and grudging.
Likes : Reliability, professionalism, knowing what you discuss, firm foundations, purpose.
Dislikes : wild schemes, fanatasies, go-nowhere jobs, ignominy, ridicule.
Your ruling planet is : Saturn
Your color is : Brown
Your starstone is : Black Onyx
(Pentacles) Capricorn : Dec 22 - Jan 20 - red/brown
 The Snow Goose : Dec 22 - Jan 20
Date of Birth : December 24 - January 20
Animal : Stag
Gaelic Name : Damh (Approximate pronunciation: Dav)
Ruling Planet : The Sun
Key Words : Independence, Majesty, Integrity, Pride
Gift Quality or Ability : Sensitivity to other worlds, shape shifting,
initiation, journeying
Birthstone : Crystal
Compatibility : Harmonious relations with the signs of adder and salmon.
Will also relate well to the signs of seal, otter & goose.
ifficulties may be expected in relation to all other signs.
The Birch Tree : 24 December - 20 January
To the druids, the Birch represented renewel and rebirth as it was the first tree in leaf after winter.  Birch people are determined, resilient and ambitious. Good organisers, leaders and strategists, they are not deterred by setbacks, believing hard work, patience and persistance will triumph. They are loyal but reserved in showing affection.
The Ruling Diety : The Celtic Warrior God Lugh, inventor of all arts and crafts, rules this sign.
The Druic Animal : The white stag symbolises high ideals and aspirations.
 Birch people need a goal in life or they become depressed and pessimistic.
Planetary Ruler : Sun
Ogham Word : Beithe