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The Story Not Finished

The Story Not Finished
AuGuSt PoEmS

The Characters Bios.

Silver Flame : The beautiful, mysterious girl with the blackest hair flowing down her back. Her eyes sparkling like emeralds with silver streaks in them and silver rings around them. Always deep set and distant, she is an old soul, seeing many things in her 21 yrs of life. She's gentle yet very deadly. Combined with vampire, shapeshifter and witch, she is not one to be taken lightly. She is rather feared among the night race. Known by friends, family and foe as Fire.

Jasmine : The younger sister of Fire. She has long flowing brown hair with blonde highlights, and grey-baby blue eyes. She's a fun loving girl who hides her pain by learning the craft from her cousins and aunt. She's a quick study witch and is very good at using her powers. Only 18 yrs old and learning stuff only the wise ones know, the things not spoken about.

Crystal : The cousin same age as Fire, muscular for her age. She has shoulder length brown hair and hazel eyes with white streaks in them. She is a fighter, a black belt of every style of karate she learns. On her 21st birthday she becomes master in each and begins to train the younger. She's a kind witch, yet very powerful, one not to be toyed with. She also mastered the gem magick in her family.

Moon : The younger sister of Crystal, same age as Jasmine. She has black hair and blonde highlights, with beautiful deep purple eyes. She is the master of moon magick and loves the night. She's a gentle free spirit beliving most all is good until proven bad. All of nature loves her.

Aunt Jade : The old, gentle witch who is the mother of Moon and Crystal. She is a wise one from which Jasmine learned. She has silver hair and jade green eyes. She protects her family with the craft, teaching them all she can. She is friends to many in Salem, but knows of enemies. She's an extremely powerful witch who knows more than she lets on. Not a woman to have on your bad side.

Rube : The old weird man who lives at the mansion. He is a werewolf, a good protecter. Greying brown hair and deep set brown eyes, he is a very kind man. He also drives the family where the need to go. He's their bodyguard.

Sapphire : Fire's best friend, who's a shapeshifter, also who turned Fire into one. She has long golden blonde hair flowing down her back and sapphire blue eyes with silver in them. She's studied the craft while growing up and can easily write spells if needed. She likes to party hard, but also knows when its time to get serious. And she is very serious!

Shadow : The mysterious, sexy vampire who goes to school with the girls. He is the son of a killer. One of the ones who killed Fire and Jasmine's parents. His mother was a warm hearted witch who taught him how to use good magick.  He is extremely powerful and a deadly weapon. He is the one Fire fell in love with and got burned by. He has dark brown hair with red highlights and blue eyes that change to green in a blink of an eye. He looks 21 yrs old but is really 113.

Raven : The long lost brother of Sapphire. 25 years old, with black hair and silver streaks. His eyes aqua blue, yet same as Fire's with the silver streaks and rings. He is the birthson of a vampire who was involved with killing Fire's parents, but never met him. He was abandon after his mother died at child birth. A wonderful shapeshifter family took him in and raised him, exchanging blood so that they could give him the shapeshifting ability. Growing up he got interested in the craft and began to study it. Got good at it and became very powerful. He can become any animal he touches. After meeting him Fire learns to love again.


On a cold dark winter night, they creep up the side of the house to the windows. Slowly and soundlessly, they make a circle with their nails on the glass, reaching in to unlock the windows & let themselves in. Purposely waking the youngest girl first, dragging her crying into her parents room, the older girl followed. Creeping, staying in the shadows not to get caught. Fire follows the men and Jasmine. Peeking into her parent's room, she sees her sister scared and in the corner watching the men over their parents. The girls watch as the men's canine teeth slide out and sink into the necks of their parents and begin to hear a slow sucking sound. Jasmine screams then passes out as Fire watches the men suck the blood from her parents. Fire slowly crawls to her sister keeping one eye on the men and pulls Jasmine from the room.

When the vampires got done with their family, they begin to get upset since the little girl disappeared. Suddenly they hear a car start and peel out of the driveway. Looking out the open window they smile, licking their lips and letting out the most horrifying noise. Fire looked back once as Jasmine softly cried in the seat beside her. Fire vows she will get revenge on the men who killed her parents when she gets older and stronger.

After many miles and states of traveling the girls arrive in Massachuettes. They stop at a little cafe to get something to eat and to relax for a few mintues. While Fire watched her younger sister eat she went to the payphones and made a call to an aunt and some cousins who lived close by. After they ate they got back in the car and drove to their aunt's house. When the girls arrived, a weird looking man with a gentle face comes out to greet them and help them inside. Once inside the girls looked around and seen candles lit all around them and a sweet smell of lilac burning in the distance. An older lady walks into the room and introduces herself as Aunt Jade, smiling she tells the weird looking man Rube to take the girls things to their rooms while she shows them around. As he leaves, they hear laughing of girls. Aunt Jade says a word the sisters don't understand and the laughing stopped as two girls their age appear. They introduce themselves as Crystal and Moon, both beautiful in their own ways. Moon takes Jasmine and shows her around the mansion, leading her into rooms with dolls and books and pretty handcraffed things.

Fire begins to tell her aunt and cousin that her parents were killed at their house and that they had no where to go but there. Aunt Jade gives Fire a big hug and asks her how excatly were they murdered. Thats when Fire told them the story of the men who's teeth grew and made sucking noises. Crystal gasped as a long frown comes across the old woman's face. She explains that they were not men but vampires, creatures of the night. She explains not all vampires are bad some actually good and that she has many vampire friends.

Fire begins to cry as her aunt slowly gets up and gives her a hug and goes to get them some tea. Fire looks Crystal over and asks if she works out, since the girl is rather large for her age. Crystal tells her that she boxes and takes karate in many different styles. Fire asks her cousin if she will help her train to get in shape and learn, explaining how she wants to get revenge on the vampires who murdered her parents. Crystal says yes and tells Fire they will begin tomorrow morning after she rested up from the rough night.

Aunt Jade returns and sees the cousins smiling and talking. Fire looks up at her aunt and smiles taking the cup of tea. Aunt Jade tells Fire she will explain more to her after a good rest, since there is lot to talk about and learn. After her tea, Fire tells them she's getting tired and was going to bed for the night. Crystal followed her to her room to make sure she was going to be ok. They said goodnight as Fire entered her room and quietly closed the door.

Turning on the light noticing her room fully for the first time she began to smile as a tear ran down her cheek. The room was painted in blackglitter paint with silver trim around it. The bed, giant, with blood red satin sheets and velvet comforter and deep purple pillows to go along. Unlit candles filled the room with beautiful colored gems and nice smelling herbs. Fire lights a bright red and black candle beside her bed as she turns off the light soaking up the wonderful room by candlelight. She smiles once more thinking how happy her sister would be here as she blows out the candle, turning over and finally passing out.

The next morning, Fire wakes up to her room full of sunshine. She could hear the chirp of birds from the window. She goes to the dresser and opens a drawer, seeing a black shirt with long sleeves with a point that goes to her middle fingers. She stands in awe as she tries on the shirt and sees that it clings to her every curve. She goes to the closet finding some nice leather pants, putting them on she looks at herself in the mirror smiling an evil smile as she pulls her hair back into a ponytail.

Walking downstairs, Fire hears talking. She enters the kitchen to find Aunt Jade talking to Moon and Jasmine. Aunt Jade smiles gently and begins to tell them that they have to go to school. Fire moans, Aunt Jade explains it's not a regular school as a big smile spreads across the old woman's warm face. Rube pulls up to the door and comes and opens it for the 3 girls. Crystal running to catch up. Holding open the limo door for the ladies he smiles as they get in. He closes the door and whistles while he climbs in the front and takes off for the school.

The school was an old looking castle, very large, very scary. Jasmine gasped at the sight of it, Fire knowing it reminded her sister of the horrid sight of their parents that night. Fire gently hugged her sister telling her she would be ok and learn many wonderful things today. Moon takes her hand and gently squeezes telling her she will be taking the same classes, which made Jasmine smile a little. Fire was taking some of the same classes as Crystal, the fighting ones at least. Fire was always interested in psychology, dreams, unconscious and criminology. Even as young as she was she was able to take the classes she wanted since she was so intelligent. She sat in the back of the room away from everyone except for one cute guy. As he introduced himself as Shadow, Fire stared deep into his eyes. Noticing that they were a beautiful blue with silverish green streaks in them. She smiled at him gently as she went to shake his hand. As their hands touch, Fire feels a powerful connection to Shadow, her eyes ripping away from him in almost fright. She hears a voice in her mind telling her he won't hurt her, rasing her face to meet his eyes again.

He asks her to meet him at the stables after her classes, looking at him weirdly she agrees. The bell rings as the children and teenagers pour into the lunch room. When Fire gets there she notices there's tables of hamburgers, salads, pizzas, blood, and raw meat. She wondered what it ment then remembered about vampires and other night creatures. Grabbing a burger and salad with a coke she walks over to the table her sister and cousins are sitting at with a few other people she never seen. One girl was strikingly beautiful, long dirty blonde hair and the prettiest baby blue eyes she ever seen. Her name was Sapphire. Fire and Sapphire became instant friends the minute they meet.

After lunch, time passes slowly for Fire waiting patiently to talk to Shadow again. As the final bell rings, she heads out to the stables. She calls his name but he doesnt respond. Hearing a horse whinny, Fire walks to the back stable door to find a jet black stallion. She opens the door to pet the gentle giant, as Shadow steps out from behind the horse he calls Midnight. Shadow asks Fire if she would like to go for a ride to a deserted place he knows so they can talk. She agrees and they saddle up Midnight and Snowball, the pure white mare.

They ride for an hour until they appear before a log cabin. Shadow jumps down and goes to tie the horses up and helps Fire down. Just the feel of his closeness sends her head spinning. They walk inside and he lights a small fire in the fire place and begins to tell her about himself. He came from an evil vampire known as Grem and a warm hearted witch named Garnet. He was taught to hunt and be a sadist by his father, and learned the art of the craft by his mother. It was his choice on how he wanted to be, though at times when upset or cornered he becomes a killer. His strength, more powerful than Fire ever seen. Shadow slowly begins to run his hand down her face and gently tells her that she can become a vampire like he is by blood exchange. Fire freaks out, running out the door she jumps on Snowball and rides back to the stables and calls for Rube to pick her up.

Shaken, Fire arrives back to her new home. Her aunt gets her a cup of nice warm tea, as she has Fire follower her to a candle lit room. Aunt Jade pulls open a drawer filled with all different colored candles. She starts explaining to Fire what each one signifies and is used for. She gives her a few books off her shelf on "candle magick". The old lady smiles and tells Fire to study those to her heart, learn them and live by them. Aunt Jade also gives Fire a few books on herbs, plants and gemstones, all the ones that she has in her room. Fire thanks her aunt, kisses her cheek and leaves the room to go read the books.

After reading the candle magick books, Fire goes downstairs and finds her aunt in the candle room. She tells her aunt she enjoyed those books and asked her if she had any on blood exchange. Her aunt's face got a worried look across it and said that a young girt shouldn't be messing with dangerous things. Fire was confused but didnt push it, appologizing she left her aunt and went to find her cousin Crystal. Fire finally found her in the large weight lifting room, taking a Gung Fu class. Bowing then sitting down, Fire watches in the background smiling, memorizing the moves. After the class she begins to streach and do some flips. Crystal was fasinated by how her cousin moved so easily across the floor, each backflip so perfect. Fire smiles at Crystal and tells her that she took gymnastics when she was younger and still had it in her. Both girls begin to laugh as they say goodbye to the instructer. They take Crystal's car down to the diner to get a bite to eat and talk some about Fire's first day of school and how everything went. Fire told her she liked the new school and her new friends, mentioning Shadow. Crystal just stared at her. Fire went on to explain how Shadow asked to turn her and that it involved blood exchange. Crystal tells her cousin that her mom keeps the blood exchange book locked up in a small drawer. Always keeping the key with her. Fire asks Crystal what she thinks on her changing. Crystal tells her that it will make her stronger in many ways, but that she will also have to drink blood to live. Her senses will be extra sensitive and that she has to stay away from certain things such as wood through the heart. She can go out in sunlight but it will weaken her senses. Fire looks at her cousin with a small frown on her face and asks if she will hate her if she decides to let Shadow turn her. Crystal gives her cousin a big hug telling her no, as long as she doesnt bite her. Fire agrees, and they both hug again. Fire tells Crystal that she's gonna end up having to let Jasmine know what she's going to do. Fire calls in Moon and Jasmine, closing the door once both inside her room. She begins to explain how she met Shadow at school, and who he was and what he wanted to do. Jasmine began to sob as Fire hugged her explaining how if she turns into one of them she will be as strong if not stronger than one of them and learn how to use her powers for her advantages. Jasmine, stil worried, sniffs and ends up oking her sister to be changed. Fire tells them she doesn't want Aunt Jade to know, because she doesn't want to worry the old sweet lady. Everyone hugs as the dinner bell rings. Crystal, Moon and Jasmine start downstairs while Fire hung back. She tells them she's going to take a Gung Fu class and that she'd see them after dinner.

After dinner the 3 girls come back to Fire's room as Fire calls Sapphire up to come over. While waiting on her the 3 talk about how to get the book. Moon and Crystal tell Fire they can get the book while Sapphire and Jasmine keep Aunt Jade distracted. Once Sapphire comes over the plan is in motion. Sapphire follows Jasmine down to Aunt Jade's room to ask about some herbs and candles. While they talk Jasmine notices the key isnt around the old woman's neck and telepathicly sends her sister the ok for Crystal and Moon to go to their mother's room and get the book from the locked drawer. Slding the book under her shirt, Crystal brings the book into Fire's room as Moon puts the key extactly back where it was. Sighing heavily Moon comes into Fire's room and lays on the bed. Crystal and Moon snap their fingers and 2 cokes appear, Crystal snaps her's one more time and gives Fire the 3rd coke.

Gently laying the book on her lap, Fire opens it and begins to read softly. It tells of the dangers, if the blood exchange doesn't work she could die. It was a sacred thing to do and only done to save someone or use someone, which is what her aunt was afraid of. She read on to see the strengths of blood exchange. She would become stronger, more powerful, be more telepathic, all her senses would be more in tune and sensitive. She would become immortal. A hunted hunter, night creature.

The next night was the full moon, the night Fire was going to become a vampire. She dressed in a long yet tight, fire red dress and black boots that ran up her legs. Hair down, in curls, light pink and silver makeup on. She looked stunning. Her sister Jasmine even told her she looked beautiful. Crystal gave Fire the keys to her car, saying she had an extra car if needed. Fire thanked her cousin and hugged Moon, Crystal and Jasmine and said goodbye.

She met Shadow at the stables and took the same two horses this time Fire riding Midnight. He led her back to the log cabin they first went to and started a fire in the fireplace. He also lit some candles that were in a circle that enclosed a soft velvet blanket and pillow. Getting up, he walks over to her leading her to the bed on the floor. She follows him mesmorized by his eyes, she lays on the soft blanket. As the flames grow bigger, Shadow's eyes start to change to green as his fangs slide down and gently pierce her neck.

The sweet taste of her blood flows through him, sending her telepathic messeges. Fire moans a little as he pulls away and bites his own wrist and puts it to her mouth telling her to suck. She begins to suck and get mental images of her parents, of her sister, of her family now, and how much she will get revenge. When he knows she's had enough he covers her up with another velvety blanket and allows her to sleep. She must get plenty of rest and have fresh blood when she wakes.

When she wakes up its already nighttime. She turns on the light beside the bed she noticed she was in, to see a dark liquid in a cup beside her. Drinking up, she walks into the larger room to see Shadow sitting there with soft music playing. He looks up at her as she walks in and asks how she's doing. She tells him she's doing well and is starting to notice the change already. He smiles and hands her a plate of hamburg and fries to get some food in her, and a cup of blood for nutrition. After she eats, he tells her he needs to bring her home so her aunt doesn't begin to worry. The drive home was amazing to Fire, who was soaking up all the sights and sounds of her new world. But in the back of her mind she is remembering why she had become a vampire. And that was to hunt down and kill the vampires who killed her parents.

They arrived at the house as Crystal and Jasmine appeared at the door. They helped her to her room, lighting candles for her and getting her some tea. Jasmine sits with her sister and asks how things went. Fire explains that the tranformation is complete and that she is ok just a little weak. Jasmine hugs her sister and holds her in her arms while Moon shows up with the tea. The girls sit and talk for a while until Crystal tells them Fire needs to rest up for the night. They all say goodnight as Fire lays in bed thinking of what she wanted to do. She was weak yet restless and couldn't lay in bed any longer. She decides to go for a walk and find Sapphire prowling around, like panthers do.

Fire sneaks out her windows and lands on the ground softly as she walks to her aunt's stable. She finds the black horse with the white star on its head named, Midnight Star. Saddling him up, she gracefully gets on the beautiful creature and rides him out into the dark of night. Riding for an hr, Fire finally spots a silky looking animal in the distance. She whistles a low whistle and the creature lifts it's head and looks at her, almost winking. Fire gently guides the horse to follow the panther deeper into the forrest. Once at the point where the panther stopped, Fire flips down off Star. She watches the silky creature transform into her best friend Sapphire. Her clothes shaping to her body replacing the fur. When finally transformed she smiles at Fire, saying hello and goes to pet Star. Fire tells Sapphire how her own transformation went and told her how different she feels. Sapphire explained to her friend it was all natural and she would get used to it and adapt to it in due time. Fire smiled and hugged her friend and asked if they could do a blood exchange so that she could become a shapeshifter also. Sapphire explained that she would have to wait 5 years to become a shapeshifter after becoming a made vampire.